Spring Assessment - How Do You Score?


Spring is here! I love the sun shining, the flowers peaking, and the barren branches exposing their blooms. Despite the fact that we are yet again in a new season of life, we can scurry through the season without stopping to take an assessment of our homes, lives, and schedules. Every Spring I try to de-clutter, clear out, and simplify. This year however, I am on a more intentional simplification kick and though I keep an orderly house, the option of books, clothes, and linens is making me feel out of control. As my family and I try to take control of the out-of-control, we’re trying to make room for new. Not new in the sense of more stuff, but a sense of a new less. Recently, my husband and I had a date on our screened-in back porch and made our 2017 honey-let’s do list. We made a list of the priority projects we together want to tackle to reduce and repair the things our 20 year old home is cluttered by or lacking. Let me remind you, Spring is here! So what does that look like for your home? Do you need to simplify and declutter or are you ahead of the game this year? 

Working in the world of design, I get exposed to everyone’s stuff, orderly or not. I see the lives of people living fast-paced chaotic lives and those who take the time to steward the belongings God has bestowed upon them. Not to overly spiritualize how clutter-free your home is, but I do believe that stewardship includes order no matter what we steward. Managing our homes can be an example to those peering in from the outside. But managing, de-cluttering, and simplifying my home is not the only thing on my mind this Spring.

When it comes to life, the same rings true. Often sports and vacations begin to crowd the calendar with excessive invitations and places to be. If by chance you have your house in order, have you also taken a review of your calendar? What are your priorities? What are you focused on? It is a great time of year to re-align what’s important to you, your family, and your personal goals. Have you started that diet? Have you made room for those friends you wanted to meet? Have you made more room for God? 

I feel like a big sister here, but I’m challenging myself in this Spring assessment as well. Where am I in my life? Am I stewarding my home well with organization and order? Am I filling my calendar with the right things through the filter of my priorities? Spring is a great time for us to take a glance at what matters and adjust accordingly. Here are a few things to ask yourself as you Spring assess:

Give yourself a 2 for “yes” or a 1 for “no."

Is your home overall organized, orderly, and everything in it’s place?  

Are your closets bulging and full with excess?

Do you have donation piles that haven’t been donated quite yet?

Has your Q1 calendar been purposely focused on the things that matter to you most?

Are you sitting down for dinner as a family 3-5 times a week?

Are you spending some “you” time each week?

These are some of the areas I’ve challenged myself. So what’s your score? If you’ve scored an 8 or less I’d say there is room for improvement. Take advantage of the season. Focus on what matters and make changes where needed. Steward the areas that you might be lacking. You’ll be glad you did and you just might get to Summer feeling better about where your life is leading.

Tanya Hembree

Wife, mom of 3 teens, and interior designer.



Tanya Hembree

Tanya Hembree calls Franklin, TN home, where she lives an active life with her husband of 20 years and their 3 thriving teenagers. Although a native southern Californian, Tanya has lived in Denver and Austin and is a southerner at heart. A serial entrepreneur, Tanya is also an encourager of women, connector of people, and a pursuer of Jesus. Her crazy full life has taken her from owning a spa and homeschooling her kids to leading a women’s ministry, and doing interior design. Her journey has not been easy, and she’d call herself a “hot mess”, but despite that she desires to live a life in full pursuit of God. On a fun note, Tanya enjoys spa, fashion, travel, and design. She can often be found hanging with her family, spending time with friends, or relaxing at the beach