Food is...


You know those moments when you find yourself in a social setting where you're asked to share a little about yourself, a talent or fun fact? For some reason, those moments happen to me way too often, and each time I wonder if "food" is an acceptable response. "Food" is a little bit about me. I'm talented at "food." And, fun fact, I have a foodstagram because I love "food.” 

My love for food began early. Growing up, I recall thinking the pinnacle of my career goals was to own an ice cream shop, so I could eat all the ice cream I wanted. There are multiple problems with this business strategy, but let’s start with the biggest. I'd literally being eating my profits. So now that we've established my love for food, let's talk about why food is so close to my heart:

Food is Community

Think about it. Food plays a central role in every social gathering, special occasion and holiday. Sharing a meal with someone is a gesture of friendship and an expression of your desire to connect on a deeper and more vulnerable level.

I love the connection that happens around a table, the disarming that occurs when we break bread with one another. I don’t know about you, but for me, some of my most beautiful and difficult conversations have occurred over a meal. Around a table I've shared dreams and disappointments, laughed, cried, caught up with old friends and created new ones.

Food is Art

Consider food in its natural form, versus the food that we process and manipulate. Fruits and vegetables have the most breathtaking shapes, colors and textures. I’m not knocking the fried or baked stuff. Remember, I’m the girl who wanted an unlimited supply of ice cream at her disposal. But I don’t think the visual experience of natural foods is just a coincidence. I see God as the ultimate creative, a God who delights in details. I believe that the foods He created to nourish us are intentionally some of His most beautiful works of art. 

Food is Sensory

Recently I read an incredible book by Timothy Keller, entitled "The Prodigal God.” This part resonated with me:

"The Bible insists on using sensory language about salvation. It calls us to "taste and see" that The Lord is good, not only agree and believe. The difference between believing that God is gracious and tasting that God is gracious is as different as having a rational belief that honey is sweet and having the actual sense of its sweetness."

I can't help but believe that the sense of taste is a gift from a very giving God who wants us to experience His goodness in a tangible way. 

This fall I have the honor of serving as the food & beverage director of Exhale Women's Retreat. While I hope my food selections hit the mark by creating a sensory experience, my deeper hope is that my work is a part of moments around a table that foster vulnerability, new friendship and long-lasting connections. 

And the next time I'm asked to share a little about myself, I may just say "food." Because food is a little about me, and I'm suddenly excited to admit that. 

Mia Higgins is a mom of two boys, one in heaven and one here on earth. She and her husband of 10 years relocated from Tampa, FL to Nashville, TN in 2012, in pursuit of new beginnings. Mia's story is one of transformation and hope, from broken to restored. Her passions reflect her story, as she loves creating space for people to encounter God's peace and beauty through atmosphere and experience. Her greatest joy is deep connection and stories of redemption. You can follow Mia on Instragram @miabellahiggins

*Photos by Gennean Woodall - Food by Love Language Catering