Like many of you, I find it hard to slow down. The world around us is so noisy and there are demands and distractions everywhere we turn. The pace of life makes it harder than ever to be still and intentionally read God’s word and spend time in His presence. However, if we are going to live our lives in the fullness of all that he has planned for us, we must be willing to make space so that we can truly know Him. It’s in this place where we learn His word, heart, and truths, and gain deeper understanding of how limitless His love, power, strength, wisdom, grace, and mercy are. Beginning Monday, February 6th we will begin our first Devotions series, Linger - Living In The Presence Of A Limitless God. At the end of this devotional study guide I pray you will have a stronger faith in our loving, merciful Father who loves you as if you are the only one, His only child. 

This journey will launch you into discovering God in your daily lives and present circumstances by slowing down and leaning into His presence through topical weekly readings, guided prayer, and journaling - a journey into experiencing God’s presence and understanding how it changes everything. Each weekly reading has a devotion, scripture, prayer, and invites you to have journal in hand for weekly questions. You can even invite a girlfriend or two for a weekly meet up to discuss what God is teaching you and journey through Linger together.

God’s presence is the perfect dwelling place for our soul. He beckons us….come.

~ Holly Newton

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