Simplifying The Season


Several years ago, as I moved to simplify Christmas and take all aspects of the season back to its roots, I took a thoughtful look into gift giving. I didn't want to do away with it altogether but I also didn't want the pressure, distraction or disappointment that comes with trying to meet unrealistic expectations. 

Gift giving, coupled with wisdom, is the nature of God. There were four named gifts given upon the birth of Jesus. The greatest being the gift of Jesus, himself, given to the world by God the Father. Following the gift of the Savior were the gifts of the Magi: Gold Frankincense and Myrrh, each rich with significance.  

Based on the simplicity of this scripture, I started our tradition of exchanging four gifts each at Christmas: One big gift to represent baby Jesus and three smaller gifts to represent Gold, Frankensence and Myrrh. 

I found that by narrowing our wish lists down to four things, we were forced to consider the importance and value of each gift we exchanged. At no point have we ever felt like our Christmas mornings were not abundant. Even through the teens years, my girls were satisfied with their gifts and appreciated that we were preserving the true meaning of Christmas. As parents, we are at peace knowing that we taught our daughters that Christmas giving is far more meaningful than the number of presents under a tree.  

Melanie McDaniel is Founder of Wild Honey Culinary Camp, which provides cooking classes to inner city kids. She is also a successful business woman who loves God and is passionate for everyone to know Him and His purposes for their lives. You can connect with her on Instagram @wild___honey