Finding Beauty In The Small


I love the easy-to-miss details about Jesus’ life. The everyday things. I love all the miracles and amazing things too, but Jesus breathed such life into everyday moments, He left us a tremendous lesson.

The big, stunning God things take time. And sometimes, in our rush for big purpose, big ministry, big world-changing accomplishments, we miss the small and everyday. We become so focused on tomorrow we miss right now. We forget an important truth:  

Big lives are found in lots of small moments.

Just as a symphony is thousands of little notes and a great painting filled with innumerable brush strokes, our lives consist of millions of small yet profound moments.

Jesus lived the biggest small life in history. He walked and taught. He built, wept and ate. He healed and laughed, cried and loved. He found beauty in the small. 

His big miracles overshadow His small moments but there’s much His small moments teach because they’re saturated with holy significance.

He took a towel and washed feet, ate with Pharisees and spent time at a well teaching one woman deep truth about worship. He blessed children and went sailing. He prayed. He cooked fish on a sandy seashore. He attended a wedding,ate and drank with sinners and saints. 

He breathed on each small moment to teach us big lessons–showing us how to live purposely, hastening toward the goal but not missing the journey. 

Because small things make a big impact. 

The touch of a hand, an encouraging phone call, a hug. A handwritten note or basket of homemade muffins. The lullaby deep in the night, the Christmas meal shared with friends. Small but significant. Little things changing the world around us. 

While waiting for the big, don’t neglect the small. 

This Christmas, follow His footsteps and find beauty in the small. He’ll show you the way.

Kate Battistelli is wife to Mike, Mom to Francesca and Mimi to four! She loves to cook and is the author of Growing Great Kids. You can connect with her at on Instagram